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I hereby approval the preparation and e-Filing (if requested) of my 2020 Federal Tax Return & State Return (if applicable) for the 2021 filing season as completed and presented to me by TAX with EARL.
My signature below denotes same.

• After preparation has been completed and reviewed by me (name above); I am submitting FINAL APPROVAL and "I agree to the following terms"...
• I have verified that all personal information, filing status, banking information and content are correct.
• I am satisfied with the outcome and anticipated refund from my 2020 Federal Tax Return and State Return (if applicable).
• I understand that I cannot make any changes once my return has been approved by me and e-Filed.
• I assume all responsibility for missing or incomplete information that I provided or did not provide.

• I understand any changes made after approval and/or after e-Filing; may require additional filing with the IRS (i.e. an amended return and if required I will incur additional fees.

• I understand that I have paid for tax preparation and e-Filing (if applicable) through and I hereby allow Earl Worthy with the following 2021 PTIN No. 00168321 (Preparer Tax Identification Number) to e-File my return as completed and as provided to me. I also understand that once I have paid for tax preparation service and preparation has been completed; if filed or not, I will not receive a refund of my payment.

Once submitted, this completed form will be added to your My TwE Page.

Your Approval has been submitted! Thank you.

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